I believe in God. For sure. Absolutely, Amen. That’s another reason why being a wedding photographer is important to me. You see people wanting to come together and be better for each other and for God. Matt and Taylor were DEFIANTLY brought together by God and I was brought to them in the same way.

See I actually know this bride and she is also a Photographer. Let me tell you, if you want stress, photograph a photographers wedding! yesh! I know she will love whatever I turn out but I just over think things. She is also one of the most incredible people I have ever met and I came across her while serving as a missionary in Tennessee. She worked at Disney World and I have been trying to be a princess forever so clearly that friendship was meant to be. Her and Matt was also meant to be.

Taylor works with the Dolphins at Disney World. She teaches people about wildlife conservation. Matt works at a restaurant at Disney World. it was magic that they met. Not only does Matt have Prince Harry Vibes, but he completes her in a way I have never seen before. It’s amazing how perfect they were for each other. It was obvious to everyone that they needed to be together forever and while their families wanted a big party that would take lots of planning, Taylor wanted to be with the one she loved. So a few phone calls to me and plane tickets later we met in Denver and they eloped. The room only had immediate family and me in there. I was so moved by how intimate it was.

So we took a nice little hike up St. Mary’s Glacier in the freezing cold and wedding outfits to photograph some incredible shots of the colorado mountains and this epic romance brought together by Heavenly Father and Mickey Mouse. I got so much love for this family. Having a love this incredible and two people who are so grateful for each other, it was just easy to capture these images. It was just easy. So excited for their NEXT big day when the rest of the family get’s to come along.