Tori and Blu have been together… forever. For many years. In fact they met when they were 16 and Have been together ever since. They served missions at the same time, they came home, they got married. Meeting Blu today was strange because I had known so much about him already. Back when Tori was Sister De Hoyos, I heard many stories about the boy back home. Blu was exactly as Tori had always described him. Tori is the kind of girl that is the backbone of pintrest.

They have been married for about a year now, and to celebrate we gave them the wedding shoot she always wanted. I have been thinking a lot lately about the difference in the way my couples look at each other at different stages in marriage. My engagements are always so full of life and excitement, but my married couples have a change in their eye. They look with gratitude. Tori’s eyes are so grateful when they look at Blu. Grateful for the years they have had and confident in him for the years to come. I love seeing the difference. I loved being a part of this. Hope my art can touch them a little bit and help them celebrate their love for each other. Congrats on one year, Tori and Blu!