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Does this count as my visiting teaching? I used to Visit Teach Kate right when she and I both got home from our missions. That was a crazy first semester of college for us both, but it has been amazing seeing her grow and find happiness. Her love with Alex is so sweet. They were grouped into the same FHE family at BYU-Idaho years ago and he was dating another girl. Kate didn’t know and she flirted with him relentlessly until she found out and was mortified. She vowed to never speak to him again. A few years and a break up later, Kate and Alex reconnected. He has a way of making her smile that I have never seen her smile like before.

Kate and Alex are a different sort of couple than I usually attract. They are far more reserved in nature than my usual clients. Kate was extremely grateful to get her photos taken by me and it really touched my heart to see that my art speaks to more people than a fixed demographic. I found myself starting the shoot like they were not my usual clientele and doing just a normal photoshoot that isn’t as stylized. More posed, more formal. I realized somewhere in the shoot that they came to me for a reason and these photos meant a lot to them. I kept pushing them to try things a little more uncomfortable,  and I did my fair share of rock climbing in this shoot to get those perfect angles. I feel like the end result was incredible.


Serendipity was  a huge theme and factor in this shoot. We stumbled upon another wedding party taking photos in the most incredible spot in cottonwood canyon, and stole it once they left. None of us had ever been there before, but now we know the secret spot. Grateful for Kate and Alex, excited for their big day! Here’s to September 3rd, guys!

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