So what people don’t know about me is that I took the opposite route into photography from most people. Most girls in Utah start off in weddings and want to move to New York to do fashion. I started in New York and in Fashion wanting to move to Utah to do weddings!

I actually got a great job in New York and started working with the agencies with models. I was always doing hair and makeup on photo shoots so my process for coming up with shoots is dramatically different than most other people. The entire thing is a production that works together with different elements to tell a story. Colors, setting, clothing, everything is very fashion with me involved.

So then we have funny little moments like this one. My roommates and I decided we wanted some witchy photos for our home so we drove out to the sand dunes wearing all black colors. Who can resist Sand Witches?! We chose the dark colors for contrast and unity between us. This is just a personal project, but I wanted you to see what my process is like. I chose to do weddings instead of fashion because my fashion perspective goes a long way in the wedding industry and I just love love stories! I would rather be around the vibe of happy people getting married than stressful fashion people.

I love what I do, and I hope you guys like this personal project.