We in Tokyo RN.

Let’s get one thing clear. I never turn down international travel. Especially when it’s to visit a close friend in their native land. Alycia invited me to Japan so I hopped a plane with my model Rachel and we set off for Tokyo. It was such an adventure. We spent 10 days with the people of Japan (And one random surprise day with the people of Hawaii.) and they were so kind. I couldn’t believe how full of love and light the people of Japan were. Even those with limited English skills as we are privileged American idiots who only know Japanese from Anime (Kawaii only gets you so far) were so kind in helping us explore their incredible country.

Things about Japan:

1.) They love American TV “Drama’s” and by that I mean Gossip Girl. (Gawsip Gerlou) and they are THRILLED when I tell them I’m from New York City.

2.) Teresa has an R in it which is a difficult letter to the Japanese and my name is just kinda silly to them in general, so this week I left Teresa and became Hime which means princess. Our hose family gave me the name and introduced me as Hime to everyone we met. Hime-Chan is now a super tender part of my heart.

3.) Japan is an AMAZING place to visit, but not very wheelchair accessible. Most shrines use a lot of stairs and they are ancient with no wheelchair options. Sorry. I know I have some incredible wheelchair bound friends who would love to visit, but I thought about them as we climbed stairs. It would be very difficult. It will also be difficult for you to travel there if you are a Pickey eater or a vegetarian. You need to be truly adventurous and not super high maintenance to go to this amazing country because it is very humid and the food is a very different culture. I loved it! It was just very different from America which some of our friends had a hard time adjusting to.

4.) Disney Sea is better than any other Disney Park.

5.) When Japanese men call you Kawaii you feel super sparkly. Strangely enough I was considered extremely beautiful in Japan. Foreign women are very desirable there and for once I was the prettiest girl in my party due to my hispanic features.










Rachel and I visited the Gates in Kyoto and I feel like I have reached a new level of skills of being able to get photos without other tourists in them. We caught the perfect moment of Dusk to be able to have this kind of shot with nobody in them. This is a crazy tourist spot with thousands of people in it, so I’m pretty proud of our stealthy skills.



Nara Deer park is about an hour south of Kyoto and you can literally go be a disney princess. I bought a gown from Nordstrom rack for the occasion. You feed them little crackers and they come take selfies with you. Some of them can be incredibly aggressive however! If you ever visit a few words to the wise. 1.) The deer that hang out by the food stations are jerks. They are clearly way greedy. Don’t enable them. Go find some other deer. 2.) If a Deer has it’s antlers cut off, HE IS FOR SURE A JERK. One was ramming me super hard. Those deer bite to get you to feed them though. Watch yourself, Bambi. 3.) if you walk off the path and into the forrest it’s actually incredibly easy to get magical photos with tourists in them. None of this was very difficult, but very stressful to pose with deer.




Beautiful Alycia! She is my assistant and roommate. She is often on set with me and helping with things backstage. So if you ever see me with an Asian girl with short hair who is absolutely adorable and full of love, that’s my dear Alycia. Or Keiko as I affectionately call her.


So due to a Typhoon at the end of our trip we missed our plane out of Tokyo (What do you mean the train is broken?!) and has to set sail on an epic 3 day adventure to get home that included a full day’s layover in Hawaii….


I took that deal quick and enjoyed a Delta sponsored free trip to Hawaii for a day. We took the red eye and I literally ran to customs to be the first person in line. We made it through USA customs in a record breaking 5 minutes and had a rent a car in hand and were on the road towards the beach within a half hour. I made a break for Jurassic Park and the LDS temple.






That was ridiculous! We want to thank the awesome LDS temple workers who let us come to their house and take a shower.

Now I am finally home getting excited for Maddy and Dylan’s wedding this weekend! Keep up with our adventures!