Sometimes you’re the student, sometimes you’re the master. Sometimes a master will allow you to be their student and that’s pretty rad. Last week I got to tag along with the masterful Rebecca Johnson and help her with her workshop. I just wanted to post some of the work from that incredible experience and shot out some amazing vendors.

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This gorgeous gown was provided by Sweet Caroline Styles ( ) and it is a stunner for sure. Also, I have officially found my own wedding Venue! The White Shanty in Provo! What a stunning and unique venue for a creative couple.

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Also I need to hire this mobile bar for my wedding. I don’t even drink but their mocktails were sublime! I fell in love with the Jack Rose Caravan. Not only were their drinks yummy and their aesthetic adorable, but they themselves truly loved what they did and competed the venue. Cute husband and wife duo! This was one of those things I never thought I would want to recommend to someone until I experienced it and I have got to say they are a party MUST for summer in Provo! They built their caravan by themselves as well! I totally fell in love and want them in my backyard mixing me a lemonade all the time. Teresa gives them a 10, plus they have JACK in their name? How could I say no to ANYONE in the family? I just hope they can supply my fictional eventual wedding with all the san pelligrino of our dreams! Check out their site because it is the cutest thing for the cutest people with the most urban salt lake vibe. They do a full service bar as well, but due to sobriety I can’t give you a review of those drinks. I just can say that they are for sure worth it!

Cheers, mates


I also love how our florist The Magnolia Flower Company ( styled the caravan! She was BRILLIANT and used that wheat grass through the entire wedding. It was in center pieces and bouquets! She and our Wedding Planner, Emmily Jones ( ) really took my breath away with how well done the decor and floral setup was.

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Also, let’s hear it for the lady herself. The whole thing was put together by the amazing Rebecca Johnson. She is a masterful photographer and she does one on one mentoring. Her mentoring is maternal and informative. I got to eavesdrop on her coaching 12 photographers through being her assistant and she truly had amazing input and helped the artists make goals that would stretch them and increase their business!


SHUT THE FRONT DOOR WTH THIS PAPER! So if you know my background you know that I have 1/2 of a Graphic Design degree! I used to be a Graphic Designer who was good at photo and now I’m a Photographer who is good at design! SO THAT MAKES ME LOSE MY CRAP OVER GREAT DESIGN. This was some of the most modern and well thought out design that I have ever seen outside of the city. Who knew that Utah had such amazing artists, let alone Provo?! Robert and Stella killed it on paper quality and design style. I highly recommend this vendor!

There was a perfect cake by Janessa Jones

Textiles by Hive House

and hmua was HaileeDay_

And as always, Photos by me <3

I love learning from other artists and collaborating to make incredible art together! What an experience with such life changing individuals.